Q&ACategory: Food and RecipesWhat’s the best way to peel hard boiled eggs?
Nan asked 8 years ago

Please help me find the perfect way to peel hard boiled eggs.

2 Answers
Steve answered 8 years ago

I have been a residential chicken farmer for about 15 years. Peeling farm fresh boiled eggs was always so frustrating that we would set a few dozen back and let them age about 4 weeks in the fridge and even then only most would peel well. When venting to a friend/egg customer of mine, she spoke up and said “just boil the water first and lower the eggs in”. Most of us traditionally start with cold water so the cold eggs from the fridge are less likely to crack. I did the same with my eggs. I thought there is no way it could be that simple!! I had tried salt in the water, vinegar, and a bunch of other tricks, never with much success. It just so happened my wife and I were making pickled eggs that week. I boiled 24 day old eggs using her method and every darn one of them peeled perfectly after all my years of messing around I was in awe. With farm fresh eggs very few crack, with store bought some will because the shells are typically thinner, but I use this everytime I boil now and never have any trouble peeling my eggs. I couldn’t believe it was that simple. I pass this on to all my egg customers and frankly couldn’t believe it took 15 years of egg farming to find this silly little tip out. 

Shelley M. answered 8 years ago

I boil them and put ice and cold water in the pan after draining the hot water out. Then I peel the eggs while they are still slightly warm. I usually don\’t have a problem with this method. If they have cooled, it seems the shells come off and pull chunks of eggs off with the pieces of shell. I also put them in small containers and refrigerate them to put in my lunch during the week. It works very well!