Q&ACategory: Food and RecipesHow to tell when a pineapple is ripe?
Laura F. asked 8 years ago

I’m always afraid I’ll buy a pineapple that isn’t ripe enough. What’s an easy way to tell?

2 Answers
Judy S. answered 8 years ago

Someone who grew pineapple told us to try to pull out an inner ‘leaf’ and if it came out easily the pineapple was fully ripe. We’ve used that method for many years and it has proven to be true every time.

Sara Noel Staff answered 8 years ago

Look for a plump, firm pineapple with green crown leaves. Look for any sign of leaking, wrinkles, softness or brown leaves. But even green pineapples can be ripe. I look for green with yellow tones. My experience has been the really green pineapples are more of a risk. There’s really no need to tug on the crown to check for ripeness. Pineapples don’t ripen once harvested.