Q&ACategory: Food and RecipesHow to freeze corn on the cob?
Roberta E. asked 8 years ago

We grow our own corn in the garden. Two years ago, I blanched the corn then froze it and it was so bad that I threw all the corn out during the winter when we looked forward to eating it.
Last year, I kept the husks on and sealed them in airtight packages before freezing them. The corn had a good taste but there was a lot of water in the kernels. I am thinking that it may have been the type of corn that produced the large, watery kernels after freezing.
This year we chose a different kind of corn and I plan to freeze it before it gets too ripe.  However, I don’t want to get into winter looking forward to corn for the meal and have it not taste good. 
Do you have another process that might work better for us? 
Thank you for any information that you can give us.