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Author: Sara Noel

The Endless Waltz

We never would have made it far undamaged. I wish you could meet me where I left you. So you could stop looking for happiness where you think you lost it....

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Forest of Dreams

Stomach inside out. The duality of poison and nourishment. It was too difficult to tell. I chose a separate trail. Me with my compass. But know that I looked back from time to time. And I still check the ground near the trees. After the first rain. It got easier once I learned what I was searching for. I never got lost. But I always thought you’d be right there behind...

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Remove Nail Polish Stains

Use Off bug spray (aerosol) to remove nail polish stains. Place a cloth underneath the stain to blot anything that might bleed through. Spray the bug spray onto the stained area until it’s saturated. Then rub with a cloth or toothbrush. Repeat as the stain lifts and then launder as usual. If there’s still a bit of stain remaining, don’t place the jeans in the dryer. Try spraying hairspray onto the stained area and launder as usual again. Try pure acetone, too. I suggest purposely staining a piece of cotton fabric and testing stain removing methods before attempting the...

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Homemade Multi-Purpose Cleaner

There are a lot of homemade cleaners to help you clean your home. Here’s one that contains Borax. Multi-Purpose Cleaner 3 cups warm water 1 Tablespoon Baking soda 1 Tablespoon Borax 1 teaspoon glycerine 20 drops of essential oil Combine in spray...

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Remove Lipstick Stains

First try shaving cream, vodka or hair spray. Blot stains (a white washcloth works well, so you can see how much of the stain is lifting) and launder as usual. If those products don’t work well enough, try blotting with glycerin, rubbing alcohol, club soda or denatured alcohol and then apply Dawn dish liquid and launder as usual. Lastly, try Carbona stain remover products. Carbona can be purchased online at...

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